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Scale price from 10.92 € per LFM Free shipping from 199,- € Express option Customer service
  • Scale price from 10.92 € per LFM
  • Free shipping from 199,- €
  • Express option
  • Customer service

Our price AI – only pay for what you need

File upload in a class of its own

Our file upload is intelligent. Upload a PDF and our system recognizes the dimensions of your file and how many pages it has. This information is used to automatically calculate the final total so that you can order even faster and more conveniently.

Graduated prices From 10,92 € per LFM
Free shipping 199,- € order value
Express option Receive faster
Blockout option Bookable at any time
  • Innovative

    Order process

    Upload PDF, select number of prints per page, calculate real consumption price, order. Easy!

  • User-defined

    ICC profiles

    We have ICC profiles specially adapted to our printers and colors, which are constantly improving. Psycho!

  • Stable

    Hot peel foil

    Press for just 10 seconds at 150 °C and remove while still warm. You can’t work faster than that. Ingenious!

  • Multiple


    Always well tested, gives a safe feeling for everyone in the team. Colors and adhesives have several certificates. Must have!

    DTF Transfer & Express

    DTF TransferYard goods 560 x 1000 mm

    from 10,92 €plus VAT & shipping

    DTF TransferDIN A3 297 x 420 mm

    from 5,35 €plus VAT & shipping

    DTF TransferDIN A4 210 x 297 mm

    from 2,68 €plus VAT & shipping

    DTF TransferFree size

    from 0,04 € cm²plus VAT & shipping

    Don’t have a graphic designer? We can help you out!

    graphic service

    only 25,00 € per 30 minutes

    Our graphics service is ready to assist you. We’ll help you bring your ideas to life, choose the right sizes and skillfully place your graphics so you can get the full potential out of every slide.

    Contact experts

    The DTF

    How? What? Where? We clarify!

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