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  • Scale price from 10.92 € per LFM
  • Free shipping from 199,- €
  • Express option
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DTF Transfer Express: When speed is crucial

Textile embellishment has faced a significant challenge in recent years: Quality! Not that all printed textiles looked particularly bad. We’ve pushed our devices to the limits and delivered exceptionally high-quality prints. DTF Transfer print change all that. We’ve already listed the key highlights under What is DTF?. In the article about DTF film, we enlighten you about the different products available.

DTF Transfer Express

The transfer printing offers great advantages

This printing method fundamentally differs from existing techniques. A specialized printer, a film, adhesive granules, and a transfer press are all you need. That’s it. This simplifies the process for us and for you. One step is eliminated: Pre-treatment. As a result, we can complete the printing more quickly and deliver it to you. Producing small quantities is also theoretically possible. Take a look at our offerings for more details.

Some technical background on DTF transfer express printing

There are two fundamental methods. One is DTF (Direct to Film) printing, and the other is DTG (Direct to Garment) printing. The difference is straightforward: DTF uses a special DTF film, also known as DTF transfer film. We have written a separate article about this. The transfer time is about 15 seconds, reaching a temperature of 130 to 150 degrees.

Who benefits from this new technology?

In principle, anyone involved in or working with the textile embellishment industry. This includes us as suppliers and manufacturers, and you as an end consumer or customer. Business owners, decorators, and merchandisers also benefit from the new DTF Transfer technology. Not just fabrics, but other materials like wood, leather, or challenging fabrics are no longer an issue. Thus, Direct to Film technology opens up further possibilities for various products.

What to do when time is of the essence?

DTF Transfer Express refers to the standard process. However, small or important orders can be completed relatively quickly. If it’s genuinely urgent, simply order our Express product. We produce your DTF transfers within 24 hours.

Accelerate your printing dreams with DTF Transfer Express

The textile industry has been virtually overrun by DTF Transfer Express printing. We are among the few German providers and can offer you the highest quality. We provide cost-effective and highly efficient, fabulous, and high-quality prints on the film. Need it fast? No problem, simply use DTF Transfer Express.

DTF TransferYard goods 560 x 1000 mm

from 10,92 €plus VAT & shipping

DTF TransferDIN A3 297 x 420 mm

from 5,35 €plus VAT & shipping

DTF TransferDIN A4 210 x 297 mm

from 2,68 €plus VAT & shipping

DTF TransferFree size

from 0,04 € cm²plus VAT & shipping