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DTF film: A key piece for crystal-clear prints

The textile industry is constantly evolving, not just due to new fashion trends but also due to advancements in technology. Among these innovations, DTF technology has been a game-changer in textile printing. We’re proud to be among the providers offering this cutting-edge technology.

DTF Film

What’s behind the DTF film?

In our article What is DTF?, we delved into the general aspects of DTF printing. We also explain the crucial details about Direct to Film technology. Initially developed in China, this technique has rapidly evolved and is now fully mature. We’d like to bring you closer to this revolutionary transfer printing method. Essentially, a design is printed on what’s known as PET film (or transfer film) using an inkjet printer. Then, the print is coated with adhesive, heated, and finally applied to the fabric. The secret lies in the DTF printer.

Where is DTF film used?

Typically, this type of film is used exclusively within the printing industry. However, it’s not limited to textiles; materials like wood, leather, polyester, and silk can also be printed on. Consequently, T-shirts, hoodies, caps, athletic and functional shirts are not an issue. We’ve detailed how DTF transfer print works in a separate article, where the film plays a significant role. With a specialized DTF printer, realistic color reproductions with the finest details are possible.

The most significant advantages of film for transfer printing

There are numerous benefits to using DTF film, including its versatility, the simplicity of the process, and the high-quality results. One advantage that’s often overlooked is that using the film eliminates the need for fabric pre-treatment, thereby simplifying the process further. Additionally, DTF film excels at printing on darker materials, offering distinct advantages with certain designs and colors.

Pricing compared to traditional printing methods

In general, transfer printing using DTF film is considered a cost-effective alternative to traditional printing methods. The prices for DTF film vary depending on the effects desired, such as glitter, gold, or silver. With traditional printing techniques, a certain volume needs to be achieved to expect profitability. However, with DTF print, even small quantities can be produced at a cost-neutral rate.

DTF film: the indispensable element for perfect prints

DTF film is a critical component for achieving flawless printing. Coupled with specialized DTF printers, specific colors (including white elements), and a high level of detail. The technology is still new, and we’re proud to be among its German suppliers. We’re excited to see your designs come to life!

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