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  • Scale price from 10.92 € per LFM
  • Free shipping from 199,- €
  • Express option
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DTF Transfer Express: Speed meets quality

Two things usually don’t go hand in hand: high quality and time pressure. Normally, good quality requires a bit of time. That is where we come into play, introducing our game-changer: our DTF Transfer Express service. Receive outstanding print results within 24 hours – all without compromising on quality!

DTF Transfer Express production tailored to your needs

Urgent projects demand special solutions. Therefore, we can entirely prioritize our production to meet your urgent needs. Whether you wish to start a small order or a larger project, we are here to support you.

Dimensions for every purpose

Your designs are the products of time and immense creativity, which is why we offer you various formats for printing. DIN A4 is ideal for smaller runs, while DIN A3 is better suited for larger prints. We also provide fabric by the meter for projects that require non-standard dimensions.

Hot peel: for faster processing and an excellent finish

The quality of the print can also be enhanced beyond the printing process. The Hot Peel technology allows for faster processing of your projects and imparts an impressive finish to your designs. Simply clean – with every print.

Speedy Production

With DTF Transfer Express, it’s possible to go from your idea to the final print within 24 hours.


Despite the fast turnaround time, we assure you flawless results with our meticulous post-inspection.


Choose between various formats, and if needed, you can also upload and order PDFs longer than a meter with our yard goods product. Our price AI instantly determines the right price.

Perfect Finish

With Hot Peel technology, you achieve more efficient methods, along with the perfect finish for your elaborate and artistic designs.

DTF Transfer Express without downsides

We conclude: speed and quality harmonize perfectly with us. We prioritize your order and ensure excellent results. Every print receives full attention and is subsequently checked. You will always receive immaculate prints, enabling you to maintain your timelines – with no unpleasant surprises.

Experience the difference

Don’t let your plans and projects be constrained by time pressure. With our DTF Transfer Express Service, you can let your creativity flow freely – even when time is of the essence. Rely on our years of experience in textiles and experience breathtaking and excellent print quality.